Embrace your Unique Individuality

November 28, 2018


With today’s news and media possessing real time and instant distribution, information  has never been more readily available, nor have we ever been exposed to such an overwhelming large amount of it. Social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, have evolved into invaluable tools of communication, however the mass information that we are presented with is beginning to shape our views and beliefs, so much so that we are losing a sense of our unique identities.

Feeling the need to conform to what we see on a daily basis, one can’t help but identify that there is an increasing lack of individuality within our communities, with people believing it to be more important to ‘fit in’ as opposed to being unique. However, the importance of creative expression is essential to the development, progression and evolution of our communities, knowledge and race.

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Creative expression enables us to see the world in a different way, with getting lost in such creativity leading to a greater appreciation of the beauty of life which surrounds us. Since like attracts like, being in the positive consciousness of appreciation therefore attracts positive events into your life. Such expression also keeps us in touch with our intuition, and the more refined our intuition, the easier it is to make correct decisions and move with the flow of life.

Every human being that has ever lived, or will ever live, is unique, and each of us is one of a kind. We have unique life experiences that have shaped the person we are today, with our upbringing also defining and contributing to our unique sense of self. Although we will all have our strengths and weaknesses, and will never be perfect, we will always be unique, and that’s our greatest strength of all.

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The best gift that you are able to give yourself is the ability to embrace all that you are unapologetically. The centre of this beautiful embrace is individuality and life is about finding purpose through the embrace of our unique differences. 

So as you scroll through Instagram and see photographs of how others think you should dress, or when you read articles on Facebook telling what you should watch on TV, remember that although some may wish to do so, you should not feel obliged to. Express yourself in a manner that embraces your individuality and allows you to contribute your unique talents and abilities to society.

“The one who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. Those who walk alone are likely to find themselves in places no one has ever been before”.

Don’t fear walking alone, your individuality and unique expression will guide you to where you need to go!


Love Cristina xx

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