How to Channel your Creativity

June 13, 2018

At times, Creativity can seem innate, but like many things, it is actually a delicate balance of nature and nurture. Each of us are born with boundless creativity within us that can be expressed in so many different ways, making us each unique from one another. Creative thinking can be enhanced by external forces, and isn’t necessarily reliant on ‘good genes’ or ‘natural ability’. In an age where we are overexposed to everyone else’s creativity, it is hard to remain original, however below we explore how you can tap into and let your creativity bloom! 

Find Your Source

Inspiration or a muse is the doorway to your creativity. This may seem cliché or obvious, however it is the most effective way to channel and activate your creativity on demand. I sometimes use Paris as my muse, and from there ideas flow onto paper!

 Surround Yourself With Inspiration

The things around you will be where you shall find inspiration and creativity. Study your surroundings wherever you are, whether it be at home, on your desk, or walking around your neighbourhood, you will see things that trigger and inspire your creativity. Surround yourself with interesting people who also spark inspiration!



If you fail to use or practise your creativity, you will not be able improve and develop it. Play with ideas that are original, authentic and fresh. Explore and experiment with what feels right, and you will naturally progress and produce amazing pieces of self-expression!


Consider your Environment

Your workspace is an important factor to consider when you seek to be creative. What is around you can inspire you immensely! Mood boards, colour palettes, clippings, swatches and even background music can help awaken creative senses that will inspire you to create amazing works of art. I have some amazing mood boards and photographs in my office that I look to for inspiration!


Creativity is an expression of our unique individuality and character, and it is so important to cherish and nurture it. We all have something we enjoy doing that is creative, whether it be scrapbooking, illustrating or even singing, so continue to practise your creativity as a means of relaxation and self-expression! Finally, never neglect to believe in your incredible ability to express yourself in your own unique way, embrace all that it means to be you.

Cristina xx



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