International Women’s Day – The Importance of Teaching Spiritual Empowerment

March 7, 2018

One of my favourite dates on the calendar is March 8 – International Women’s Day. There is no greater celebration or encouragement of women both nation and worldwide than this incredible day, and each and every year the date becomes increasingly more influential. However in 2018, we can still identify cracks within society holding back the spread and education of the fundamental qualities and characteristics than enable women the ability to empower themselves and their fellow sisters.

Both self-awareness and spiritual empowerment each hold the key to freedom, empowerment and raising the status of women in society. If women are not equipped with self-awareness and spiritual power within themselves, it is difficult to sustain the confidence that comes with a good education and good job. It is for this reason that it is not uncommon to find well established and well-educated women crumbling and losing their self-esteem when faced with hurdles, due to their lack of self-awareness and spiritual power.

In order to instil awareness and empowerment, such education of these traits must begin at an early age. It is of the highest importance that young girls must be taught the ability to, and the qualities that will allow them to speak their mind. By encouraging young girls to think for themselves, and contemplate who they are, as well as what they want to do and enjoy doing, you are enabling them to be more self-aware and appreciative of their personal needs and beliefs. Additionally, exposing young girls to the work of strong and influential women can inspire the attitudes of courage and power, enabling such qualities to encourage them to rise above social and personal hurdles and circumstances that they may encounter

Within our current education systems, the basic curriculum consists of numerous subjects and courses that educate sufficiently and adequately. However still lacking from such curriculums are courses that explore and encourage spiritual empowerment. By reconsidering and adjusting the current educational system and rethinking the content we teach young women, we can potentially make better use of the growing and learning years of female students. We have the ability to provide them with an adequate mental and spiritual foundation that will not only help women become economically independent, but also equipping them with a thinking process where they can single handily fight any injustice in their lifetime on their own.

There is no doubt women have come leaps and bounds within society, with such movements and initiatives as Hollywood’s ‘Time’s Up’ encouraging and fostering the importance of giving women the same voice, equality and power of their fellow men. It is the future generations who will be able to eradicate any injustice and inequality towards and pertaining to women, so it is therefore crucial to emphasize the importance of educating these young girls the importance of self-awareness and spiritual empowerment, especially on International Women’s Day!

Cristina x


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