The Importance of Setting Yourself New Years Resolutions

December 30, 2017

Although we may not all begin the New Year with a new job, new wardrobe or new car, there is one thing that we can each start the New Year with: a new attitude. In saying this, you do not need to have a new attitude towards your entire life, however simply a new attitude and a new perspective towards a specific aspect of your life. By considering and acknowledging this, you enable yourself to ensure that you make the absolute most of another incredible year full of boundless opportunities. Below I explore the key reasons why I believe it to be so important to set yourself positive, realistic and achievable resolutions.

Resolutions have an incredible ability to focus your mind toward where it is exactly you want to be, who you want to become and what it is you wish to accomplish by the end of the year. It is an effective way to clear your mind, reflect on what’s important to you and move forward in a positive direction. There is something I find so rewarding about coming up with goals that will help improve myself, and in turn those around me as well.

In an age where we are each getting increasingly busier every day, month and year, concrete goals offer you focus and stability. 2017 has been a fantastic year with many incredible things happening to myself both personally and professionally, however there have also been some challenging moments from time to time. By having set goals in place, it kept me much more grounded and focused on the important things and what I really wanted to achieve, whic
helped me overcome any speedbumps along the way.

If we are able to look at our goals as things that can ultimately help us become more self-aware and use them to better care for ourselves, then we are able to take the pressure off of the ‘performance’ aspect of the goal. Even if you don’t meet the goal to its exact entirety, you can rest assured that you are now better off for trying and working towards it. It is the process and journey that is the most interesting part of the learning experience.

Finally, by simply striving towards your dreams and goals, you won’t even believe the amount of people that will be positively impacted. Share with others that you trust your goals, as you will not only have an incredible support system behind you, but you will undoubtedly encourage them by watching you on your journey!

So as we approach the end of another incredible year and begin to contemplate what it is that we seek in 2018, remember that with each New Year comes new opportunity, new challenges and new rewards. I hope that you have a beautiful 2018 full of happiness, joy and love.

Cristina x


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