Welcoming Spring and our Latest Collection

September 5, 2017

Of all seasons, none are more uplifting, encouraging and welcoming than Spring! Full of transformations, the temperature rises to a more bearable degree and the leaves that were once fallen and flowers that had wilted, now begin to bloom. However aside from the physical changes, Spring also has the ability to transform our emotional and personal wellbeing.

As human-beings, it is our natural destiny to grow, prosper, succeed and find happiness whilst we walk the earth. It is imperative that we make conscious and continuous efforts to better ourselves in the face of changing circumstances. There is no better time than that of this glorious seasonal change to regain control and to focus on what is most important in life: you.

Spring is a season of activity and freedom that follows a restrictive and at times deflating winter. It is an opportunity to enter this seasonal awakening with commitment and a determined effort to take on life and make the most of the beauty that it has to offer.

We can now feel the warmth of the sun, with extended hours of light and shorter evenings lengthening the amount of time we have to achieve, explore and enjoy. The increased exposure to sunlight decreases our chemical melatonin which in turn helps us sleep at night, and increases the hormone serotonin within our brain, causing us to be happier.

Slowly, as Spring commences, our mind begins to awaken and bloom similarly to the stunning environment around us, with the newly welcomed presence of such simple environmental effects, helping our minds to refresh and restart from their hibernation over Winter!

To coincide with this incredibly beautiful time of year, Cristina Re is thrilled to launch her newest collection, Dolce Rosa. Inspired by the delicate sophistication of roses, the collection explores the simple beauty of elegant florals, and their uplifting charm. Dolce Rosa is the perfect tribute to a season of stunning allure and inspiring change. Available exclusively online, these gorgeous new bone china pieces are bound to inspire you to awaken and sync your mind with your physical surroundings.

Enjoy the beauty of Spring and embrace its ability to awaken your mind, body and soul!


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