August 31, 2017

A hint of vibrancy and whimsical charm is a must in the lives of us all, and our newest addition to the Cristina Re collection ‘Polka D’OR’ is exactly what we all need to have a little bit of fun!

Society bombards us with the idea that working hard is the only way to achieve success, however fun plays an equally, if not more important role in achieving your goals! Biologically, your body releases anti- stress hormones which enable you to relax, especially if you are partaking in activities that you enjoy, so embrace this!

The ‘Polka D’OR’ collection evokes feeling of fun and celebration with its gorgeously gilded gold hand painted polka dots and stunning white and pink colourways that are the perfect addition to bring a little bit of light hearted joy into your life.

We each have our own unique ways to have fun, whether it be shopping, travelling, reading or even drinking tea, with both your enjoyment and your experience being paramount.  The saying ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ is cliché, and at times overused, but it is so true! It is important that we set aside time to drop everything to have fun and celebrate all we have to be grateful for!

Our ‘Polka D’OR’ collection consists of our signature pink and timeless white colourways, offered in gorgeous teacups and mugs, with both matching and contrasting saucers. Each piece is lovingly packaged in Cristina Re’s signature pink and gold keepsake boxes, enabling you to entertain in style or give a gift this holiday season that will be cherished for a lifetime.


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