WORDS OF WISDOM – Launching New Designs

August 30, 2017

The importance of positive affirmation and self- love are the core of our latest collection ‘Words of Wisdom’ which explores the vitality of reassurance and appreciation in each of our day to day lives.

It is a skill that is extremely difficult to master, however allowing yourself to truly appreciate all that it means to be you, and enabling yourself to consider what it is that you truly value, ultimately enables you to obtain the happiness and fulfilment that you deserve in life.

Our newest additions to this collection feature words that we believe can assist you in ensuring that you consider the presence of such values in your life, including ‘Grateful’, ‘Fearless’ and ‘Empowered’. The power of these words as a means of self-assurance, and positive affirmation are incredible, and can inspire each of us to take the steps to achieve their existence in our thoughts and minds.

These stunning New Bone China mugs are available in three separate colour ways and are trimmed in 24ct gold, with their delicacy and beauty complimenting the definitions of the words adorned on their sides. We hope that each time that you sip your favourite tea out of your ‘Words of Wisdom’ mug, you consider the presence of such phrases and ideals in your life.


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