Treats to Accompany Your Favourite Tea

August 7, 2017

When arriving home after a long day, we each have a different ritual to unwind and relax. Some go straight to their Instagram and Facebook, others greet and debrief with their loved ones and some just enjoy sitting down and savouring an afternoon cup of tea! Often accompanying that soothing tea is a little treat, however which treat best accompanies your tea of choice? We have explored the perfect snacks to indulge in that will compliment and enhance the taste and experience of your favourite brew!

Black Tea – Such a rich and heavy flavoured tea requires a sweetness that will not dominate and that evens out the taste buds. Deserts such as cheesecake, trifles or éclairs possess a light creamy texture and taste that perfectly balances the palette. For a fragrant black tea such as Earl Grey, sweet citrus cakes are just enough to cleanse and refresh between each sip!

Green Tea – A light and fresh tea, this brew is perfect when accompanied by mild flavoured food that has a light sweetness. Fruit salads and warm pastries are perfect partners to herbal teas, with dark chocolate acting as a flavour enhancer to Green Tea, accentuating its taste beautifully!

White Tea –  For a tea that is light, silky and subtle in flavour, it cannot be paired with anything too strong or its natural sweetness will be lost. Complimented well by lightly flavoured food, this is an ideal afternoon tea that goes down perfectly with a cucumber sandwich or your favourite biscuit.

Oolong Tea – As this is a more complex, fragrant and aromatic flavour, Oolong calls for a salty savoury snack. Serve this delicious brew with a charcuterie board of smoked meats, sharp chesses and tasty breads. If you prefer a savoury snack, then Oolong is the perfect brew to indulge in!

Chai Tea – As this brew packs a delightful sweetness, a less sugary treat is the perfect snack to accompany its delicious flavour. A scone is the perfect blend of softness and crumble that will balance the richness of your Chai perfectly!

No matter what your preference in tea, or whether you have a hidden sweet tooth or prefer savoury snacks, there is a tasty treat and tea combination to satisfy all of our afternoon tea cravings!


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