Supporting Women with Global Sisters

July 24, 2017

 In an age that has seen a woman’s freedom and rights evolve from formerly restricting societal constraints, there still remains a significantly concerning lack of female empowerment worldwide. Seeking to raise awareness to the adversity faced by women around the globe, Cristina Re has continually advocated her support to ensuring that women and their abilities are celebrated and nurtured, enabling them to achieve both their personal and professional dreams!

Celebrating the vitality of developing our emotional and physical wellbeing in order to achieve success, Cristina has shared her immense passion for the support of women through her role as an Ambassador for Global Sisters. This non-for-profit organization assists women who experience socio-economic barriers, and supports them to become financially independent through sustainable self-employment.

The incredible structure of this organisation provides women who have experienced hardships and trauma, as well as encountered cultural or language barriers, to utilize their unique expertise to develop a steady income via their own social enterprise or micro-business. Founder Mandy Richards explains that her organisation is the only in Australia, “offering education, start up finance, business tools and resources, as well as an online marketplace to sell their wares”, all aspects many of us have direct access to and take for granted.

Assisting women to identify their strengths and talents, and thus allowing them to translate these into a business, Richards also provides women with access to a national network of successful businesswomen and men who are eagerly prepared to share their enthusiasm and support through providing initial business development advice through their mentoring program. Cristina has been an ongoing mentor with Global Sisters, playing a pivotal role in supporting women to take that next step to financial independence and removing any barriers they commonly face, making self-employment a viable option.

Cristina holds strongly to her heart the value of female empowerment, and utilizes Global Sisters to share her passion and twenty years of industry experience with like-minded women. Each of us possess the means, irrespective of our background, financial or societal status, to support each other as women, and therefore as sisters, so share your unique talent with each other!


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