Fostering Female Empowerment

July 11, 2017

There is no doubt that women have made leaps and bounds globally to gain equal rights within a variety of different facets in today’s society. Together, we have pushed in order to shake previously held ways of thinking in order to highlight the crucial roles we can and do play in helping build and contribute to sustainable economies and communities.

However, despite the increased participation of women in politics, business and society, gaps are still prevalent in both developed and dveloping countries. Cristina Re has emphasized her ongoing passion as well as the importance of identifying and raising awareness to female empowerment, and it is pivotal we consider key factors that contribute to ensuring that we can continue to foster its advancement worldwide!

With a lack of education readily available for women globally and 65 million girls worldwide without access to a classroom, we aren’t all receiving the incredible start to life we each deserve. With a solid education base offering a domino effect of potential prosperity, un-educated women are unable to obtain jobs, develop a stable individual income or even able contribute both socially and economically to their community, rendering them not only powerless, but voiceless.

Organizations like that of i=Change are tackling such issues by engaging men and modelling respectful relationships to youth, however they also fund best-practise NGO’s, helping accelerate the impact of extraordinary development projects focused solely on the empowerment of women and girls. Cristina’s passion for the physical and emotional wellbeing of women saw her partner with i=Change allowing customers to donate $1 of every sale to one of three charities Cristina feels most strongly about – CARE, Childwise and UN Women.

It is the support of such charities that contributes to not only spreading awareness of the importance of female empowerment, but also spreading awareness of its lack of presence and importance in other communities and nations. With such empowerment proven to be one of the greatest drivers of economic growth and social stability worldwide, we must continue to fight for it’s welcomed existence.

Investing, nurturing and empowering women is one of the most efficient actions we can take to promote a healthier, more prosperous world. Each woman has the right to take charge of her future and destiny, and as a united sisterhood, we must ensure that women are confident enough to be able to claim their rights, no matter who, what, and where they are in the world!

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