Mastering the Art of Positive Thinking

June 28, 2017

At times, one cannot help but struggle to see the optimism surrounding us in our day to day lives,

especially when things often take a slight detour from how we imagine them playing out. However

the art of ‘Positive Thinking’ benefits not only ourselves, but also those around us, creating a highly

contagious energy. By embracing 5 simple factors, a life of endless optimism will be more

attainable than you might realise, and mastering such an art will allow you to relax and enjoy life

just as much as you enjoy your favourite cup of tea!

1. Make Affirmations A Daily Occurrence – Each and every day, whether it be consciously or sub

consciously, we make many negative statements about ourselves, those around us or even the

current circumstances of our lives. We all have vast reasons to be grateful, so as a means to

stay positive, it is important that we acknowledge these, and make positive statements using

adjectives such as ‘grateful’ and ‘happy’ so we can ‘feel’ the emotion of the words used.

Negativity breeds itself, so state the positives in your life to be reminded of how fortunate you

really are.

2. Start Your Day On A Positive – I am the first to admit that mornings are not my speciality but

how you start your day determines how the rest of it will play out. Do you dread the tasks and

day that lies ahead, or do you wake being thankful and excited to make the most of a new day

with those you love? Think about the possibilities and opportunities you could make from the

day and allow them to motivate you.

3. Choose Wisely Those Around You – Often a cliche, those whom you surround yourself with

really do impact your outlook and approach to life. How you feel, what you think and what you

say depends on who you often surround yourself with. When I spend time around positive,

happy and supportive people, I feel energised and encouraged. This optimism that I receive is

instantaneous and so simple to nurture.

4. Expect For Yourself The Absolute Best – We can all achieve the absolute best in life if we

expect it. Ask yourself what it is that you seek, whether it be in your day or in your life. Expect

the best by focusing purely on the outcome you desire. If you always expect the worst, how can

you break the cycle of receiving just this?

So as you sit down with your afternoon cup of tea, contemplate the presence of these factors in

your day to day life, and evaluate the necessary changes you must make to master the art of

positive thinking.

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