A Christmas Letter from Cristina

December 15, 2016

Dearest friends,

 I’ve never written a Christmas letter as such, but being our 20th anniversary of the business this year, I feel somewhat overwhelmed with gratitude at this merry time and have some rather sentimental words to share with you, if you’ll bear with me.

 As many of you know, the spring of 2016 marked our 20th year of Australian design. We challenged ourselves by releasing three new teaware collections and a DIY stationery collection to mark the occasion. (Don’t ask me why I didn’t just go on a Parisian holiday instead, godiche moi, non?) The minimalist design and matte finish of Artist’s Gold and the geological textures of Crystalline are quite a leap into the world of the contemporary. To be honest with you, I was apprehensive to move away from the vintage style we were known for, but you have been so open-minded and encouraging everywhere I turn – it has really comforted my anxieties about changing and growing as a designer. I owe you enormous thanks for your support of the new collections, and your ongoing support that has helped us reach this important milestone.

 I also have to thank all the creatives amongst you who have taken to Instagram and Facebook, styling our products with absolute perfection and flare! We all get a thrill every time we see a clever new image posted, from fabulous floral displays in the teapots to delicious dessert spreads among the mugs and spoons.  This year more than any other, the quality of imagery on social media has increased to a very professional level that we are proud to regram and share. So thank you, retailers and collectors, for all the effort you put in to your posts and your pages – you do such a wonderful job and it is certainly noticed and enjoyed on this end!

Below: @jodianne_ and @sweetbloomcakes show off their Cristina Re styling prowess on Instagram.

    Screenshot 2016-10-27 18.05.08Screenshot 2016-10-27 18.13.52

 Still on social media, we have learned more about many of you through your heartwarming sharing on Facebook every Wednesday, via the Which One Wednesdays competitions. The team and I look forward to Wednesdays because we get to pose a question to you, and then we spend the afternoon reading over hundreds of absolutely moving, and often tear-jerking, answers. I never expected to have such a truly lovely relationship with my supporters and customers, I really didn’t. It makes what we do very special indeed, to know such details about your lives and the lives of your children, and to hear your opinions on things. And we also notice that you congratulate each other on winning prizes, because that is just how kind and thoughtful you are. We just think Cristina Re supporters are a special kind of lovely! So thanks for joining in the fun on a Wednesday and for sharing those magical midweek stories.

Screenshot 2016-10-27 18.10.58 Screenshot 2016-10-27 18.11.30

Above: @cakebyjennamarie and @flowerbowl share some florals and Cristina Re on Instagram.

 One more thing that is very close to my heart, is how many of you have joined us wholeheartedly in our brand partnership with i=Change. Throughout the second half of the year, we have been showing that giving is not just a Christmas time activity, by giving $1 to your choice of Child Wise, UN Women or CARE development projects with every online purchase made. We have watched as you have made thoughtful choices about where to send your donations, and also listened to your stories as to why you felt passionately about these causes. After going through a process to set up a giving platform such as this, it is so thoroughly heartwarming to know that you not only accept it, but really care passionately about the causes too. Together, simply by buying your favourite Cristina Re products online, we are raising thousands of dollars to prevent violence against women and children in Australia and PNG, as well as organise clean water and food for women in rural Cambodia.

 Together with all our partnering i=Change brands including Nine West, Decjuba, Esther and others, we’ve collectively all raised over $215,000 for a collection of global development projects. So when doing your Christmas shopping this year, if you buy something from an i=Change brand, you can help two birds with one stone! (Or one dollar, as the case may be). So stay away from those carpark battles and shop online for a good cause this Christmas!

Screenshot 2016-10-27 18.08.40

Above: Melanie from @thetiafox styling her Cristina Re teaware for Instagram.

So, my dear friends – those of you I have met and those who I may know better by your Instagram name but are no less special – thank you for all your support this year and for any or all of the 20 years you have been by our side since 1996. I, and the whole team here wish you a Christmas holiday that sparkles with sunshine and glistens with magic, surrounded by loved ones and all of your favourite things.

A Christmas hug and lots of love,



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