Christmas Crafting with Cristina

December 4, 2016

There is nothing I love more at Christmas than opening my mail box to a good old-fashioned Christmas card, brimming with heartfelt sentiment in handwritten scribble. Cards full to the margins with stories of the year, promises to catch up soon, and proclamations of love. Nothing I love more, that is, than a handmade Christmas card that contains all those things inside its thoughtfully constructed folds.

This festive season we have a sparkling selection of lustrous golden papers to design with, from the brand new Heaven and Earth collection. White and gold is a most beautiful and contemporary Christmas palette – you’ll be sure to brighten up a few mantles with your fashionable handmade cards this year. Here are a few easy Christmas card ideas for you to try:

Christmas Banner C6 Card


  • Using the Shimmering Pearl Card as your card base, trim a rectangle measuring 148 x 210 mm
  • Using the Cristina Re paper trimmer/scorer, score down the middle of the trimmed card, making a seamless fold in the card.
  • Cut three vertical banners with pointed ends from two of your beloved Cristina Re papers.
  • On Shimmering Pearl Card, print or write your message on a horizontal rectangle banner. E.g. ‘Merry Xmas’.
  • Adhere your banners down using our easy Glue Tape Roll.
  • Create a backing for your horizontal ‘Marry Xmas’ banner, here we have used a strip of our Diamond card, measuring 6mm higher than the ‘Marry Xmas’ horizontal banner.
  • Adhere your backing  about one third up from the bottom of the card and then place your ‘Merry Xmas’ banner in the centre of your backing card (3mm of backing should be showing above and below the banner)
  • Punch two circles from the Diamond paper and adhere to either side of your message to complete the card.

A special Christmas card for your extra special loved ones!

Christmas Bow


  • Print out the template of shapes on the reverse side of your favourite designer paper. (If you would like to use a paper that is not printer-compatible, print onto plain card, cut out the shapes and trace them onto the back of your desired paper) We have used Diamond from the Heaven and Earth collection.
  • Cut out the bow shape (from the below template) and fold into a bow.
  • Choose two other papers and adhere them at a ratio of 1:2 on the backing card, leaving a border of 5mm on all edges.
  • Cut a 1cm strip of paper from the same card as the paper bow card, to cover the join, and fasten.
  • Fasten your paper bow at a point you like, either centred or to the side.

Super cute!

Christmas Present


  • You’ll need the Gold Solar Wallet as the present ‘wrapping’ and body of this card.
  • Create your insert using Ivory Linen Card 136mm square. You can either print this first or write on it by hand later.
  • Use two pieces of Ivory Grosgrain Ribbon to wrap around the ‘present’ (the wallet) each about 60cm length.
  • Wrap the ribbon from underneath the ‘present’ and then thread the ends through the corner holes of the wallet.
  • Adhere your custom square insert and close the wallet.
  • Optional extra: Thread a customised gift tag onto the ribbon before you tie it, to add an extra element of Christmas sparkle to your gift box card. We have pre-made a few designs which you can download from the below link.

Customised Christmas Napkin Wraps


  • You’ll need to slice your favourite Cristina Re Paper into 5cm strips (slice the paper when it is portrait so you can get around 6 strips per A4 sheet)
  • Print or write out your guest’s names onto 3cm strips of Translucent Moon Dust Paper
  • Adhere the names to the 5cm backing strips with our Glue Tape Roller 
  • Simply wrap the strip around your favourite Christmas napkins and cut to size.
  • Optional extra: Attach a customised gift tag to the napkin wrap for a finishing touch!

I hope you enjoy making some great cards (and great impressions) this festive season. After all, making and sharing Christmas crafts is one of the very best parts about Christmas, don’t you agree?

I’d love to see your creativity on our social media if you’re feeling keen to share, @cristinaredesign.

Wishing you all happy crafting until then,

Love Cristina. x

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