A Crystalline Influence

September 29, 2016

I have always enjoyed collecting gemstones and learning about crystal healing. The earthly elements have played a large influencing role in our newest product releases, Crystalline and Heaven and Earth.

Thinking about the messages and meanings of crystals and gemstones really help me to just be in the moment. By the same token, taking the time to properly brew a cup of tea and enjoy it without being on my computer or look at my phone allows me a few moments to think about the important things in life. Mindfulness is such an important practice in this oh-so-busy world. And if you’re a girl on the go, you certainly need to take five during each day to avoid burn out. Trust one who’s been doing this for over twenty years! You really do deserve it.2M6A5414-2

Having a small collection of gemstone jewellery allows you draw each day from a library of healing amulets, which have the power to uplift and energise you, depending on your needs and moods. I keep a large raw amethyst cave here at our office in Collingwood for its properties as a creative stone and ability to attract positive energy. Amethyst is also said to open one’s mind to meditation and psychic centres, and assist in clear thinking.

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Here, we all like to to adorn ourselves in crystals and keep stones around our workspaces for health and wellbeing. Some of my personal favourites that have inspired the Crystalline collection include:

Rose Quartz

The quintessential stone of love for yourself and others, emotional healing, gentleness and compassion.

Black Tourmaline

Acts as a barrier from negativity and bad thoughts, can elevate one’s consciousness, and has strong grounding qualities.

White Celestite

Good for clarity of thought. Stimulates spiritual gifts and opens up communication with heavenly beings.

The earthly elements, gemstones and alternative ways of thinking such as tarot or affirmation cards can be a great place to turn to if you are experiencing imbalances in any part of your life – if only to help you actively focus your mind a little better. Crystals and beauty also make me happy – and if you’re reading this blog, I imaging they make you happy too – and I always encourage a little bit of indulgence and self-love.

H&E - Crystalline

The limited edition collection, Crystalline, is my way of infusing some earthy healing and 24ct gold mineral elements into your everyday moments. Crystalline is also available in the paper couture collection, Heaven and Earth for you craft lovers, complete with the gold foil you love about the original design.

Enjoy your crafternoons and your high teas, your crystals and your mindful moments.

From me to you, with love,

-Cristina x

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