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May 10, 2016

‘We have a responsibility to use our gifts and talents to help inspire others and make change in the world’

I’ve always been immensely passionate about helping women achieve their dreams and aspirations in both their personal and professional lives. I believe in the importance of self-empowerment and the great need to use our innate gifts of intuition to find our true path and help inspire others to find their strength and courage to achieve greatness in the world.

My mission is to educate women on the value of nurturing our wellbeing mentally, physically and spiritually. I feel privileged to have been able to tell my story to thousands of women at over the years, and have succeeded in influencing, motivating and manifesting change which has become my life mission.

Having always been a big supporter of a number of charities, when I was approached by Jeremy Meltzer, founder of i=Change, I knew this organisation was a very special one I wanted to work with.

Jeremy is a social entrepreneur and inspiring voice for women’s rights globally. He created i=Change to help accelerate the impact of extraordinary development projects, focused mostly on empowering women and girls. This is because their empowerment is proven to be one of the greatest drivers of economic growth and social stability worldwide.

The idea of i=Change is simple. Every time you purchase one of our products online, a dollar of the sale goes directly to your chosen charity. There are three nominated charities that Cristina felt most passionate about supporting and you can have an active input by selecting which charity receives the donation.

I’m thrilled to be a part of i = Change and look forward to seeing the positive impact we can all make together in changing someone’s life forever.

To view the website, visit www.iequalchange.com or follow on Facebook

“There is no greater joy and expression of gratitude than to give to others. Together with i=change we bring this philosophy to life as we encourage women across the world to dream, create and inspire each other by giving with love and an open heart”

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