Creative Mindfulness

March 15, 2016

I’ve always believed in the importance of well being and looking after yourself, especially being a very busy working woman. Nurturing the mind and body are integral to our overall welfare, and I feel that part of being empowered is to ensure we look after ourselves.

One of the reasons I initially created my teaware range was because the ritual of tea drinking for me signifies indulgence, relaxation and ‘me time’. This custom goes back thousands of years and symbolizes the act of taking time out. Drinking tea and even high tea, is the perfect excuse for women to come together to bond, relax, meditate, heal and take time out.

In today’s society everyone seems to be in a hurry. Few people have time to ‘stop and smell the roses’ and we are constantly on the go. Mindfulness is the idea of paying attention to the ‘now’, and making a conscious decision to be in the present moment. For most people, it is rare to be aware without some sort of distraction.

There are several ways that mindfulness can help to quiet and calm the mind, which in turn increases the occurrence of positive feelings like enjoyment, appreciation, gratitude and general happiness.

As an extension of well being and nurturing the mind, I believe it’s equally important to embrace your creative side too.

Colouring-in has become a very popular and growing trend because it provides a stimulating outlet for people to live in the moment, relax and unwind. In celebration of my new, limited edition teaware collection ‘To Paris with Love’, I have created my very own colouring-in pack. The pack includes a set of hand illustrated line drawings, from the Parisian inspired collection, for you to express your own unique creative style and experience mindfulness.

Printed on luxurious card, they will make inspiring works of art which can be framed and cherished as a precious keepsake and include an assortment of ten fashionable limited edition designs.

Cristina x


To Paris With Love Colouring In Prints $29.95


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