The Art Of Vision Boarding

October 8, 2015

I have learnt a lot throughout my journey operating both a wholesale and retail operation and managing a large team of people. Most importantly, I believe that in order to manifest the life you want to lead it is important to know what you want, and also ensure that others know what your vision is in order to help you get there.

I thought it would be interesting to talk through a practical tool that has really helped me to achieve success in business and in my personal life as well, and it is also something I am very passionate about.

As I am a designer and a visual person I have always found that working with a Vision Board or Visual Diary has helped me to focus my goals and express my vision to my team of designers who assist me in developing new product ranges.

The purpose behind making a vision board is to intentionally attract the events and circumstances to manifest the things we want to have, want to become.


Themes can include Love, Family, Business, Health & Beauty, Gratitude and much more..

It is fascinating to understand how it works:

Many people think this concept is all very fluffy but it is in fact scientifically proven.

“The law of attraction states that we bring into our lives anything that we give attention to, whether it be positive or negative”

From a psychological view, the law of attraction can be best explained by the information filtering system of the brain known as the RAS. Vision boards serve the role of programming the RAS to tune into external stimuli that can help us move closer towards our intentions.

In my opinion, there are thee basic questions to ask yourself:

Sometimes we don’t achieve the things that we want because we are not totally clear about our goals or wishes and therefore life will take you into a direction that you did not want.

So there are ways to tap into your subconscious to guide you on your right path if you believe and set out a good intention for yourself and the world. This involves going into relaxation and meditation, burning candles, using fengshui to prepare your environment, using crystals to open the chakras, and using intuitive tools to guide you such as Affirmation Cards.

Many people make Vision Boards, but the true test is to create a special document that you want to keep and look at everyday. A Vision Board can hang on your wall alongside your picture and art gallery. It is therefore important to make something that is visually beautiful and special for you and perhaps others to see.

The general elements that a well-designed vision board should include are:

Vision Boards can be brought to life and become more powerful through being artistic and strategic about the design of your board. Words, affirmations and pictures combined with colour, texture, embellishment and sentimental objects (such as the lyrics to a song) can become powerful design elements in the process.

Some helpful tips include:

Be honest and realistic with yourself – Do you really want what you think you want- Be careful what you wish for!

Dream Big Everyone!


My Designer Vision Board

Cristina x






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