The True Beauty of Easter

April 2, 2015

For lovers of all things beautiful, Easter is one of the most rewarding holidays of all. With its breathtaking pastel colours, intricately decorated Easter eggs, floral details and gorgeous Easter bunnies, I find myself overwhelmed with the loveliness of it all.

I often wonder how bunnies came to be such an iconic Easter symbol. I feel compelled to explore the heritage, since for me it has always been about beauty, family and chocolate…

My research informs me that we have the German Lutherans to thank for the Easter Rabbit. His role—not unlike Santa—was to pass judgment on whether children had been behaving well at the beginning of Eastertide. Folklore says he would bring coloured eggs, candy and toys to children on the night before Easter.

Rabbits and eggs are both ancient symbols of fertility, and represent the rising fertility of the earth at the time of the Vernal Equinox. So all this symbology makes reference to the growth associated with the springtime. I would hazard a guess that the lovely pastel colour palette represents spring blooms and baby animals. I don’t know about you, but it’s certainly autumn in my garden! So what are we Australians to make of these springtime festivities?

“Growth itself contains the germ of happiness” -Pearl S. Buck

This Easter, perhaps more than chocolate we should embrace the celebration of growth. Let us allow ourselves to reflect on the change that we really value in our lives, now that the New Year resolutions we didn’t care for have had time to fade out of importance. Let us change and grow as people, and spread that germ of happiness as far and wide as we can.

So, what personal growth areas will you indulge this Easter? Make wise use of your long weekend, and do something exhilarating with those extra days of freedom. Is there something you would like to explore, learn or practice? Even if you take the valuable time to enjoy, relax and meditate over a cup of tea. Better yet, cherish the loving family and special friendships in your life by hosting a stylish Easter High Tea Party .


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