The spirit and ritual of gift giving

December 19, 2014

Christmas Tree

In my eyes, Christmas shines as my favourite time of year. A time of indulgence and of love. It is a time to celebrate the closeness shared between family, friends and loved ones. A time to express our innermost gratitude for people who brighten our lives as beautifully as the simmering summer sun {in the southern hemisphere} or the radiating winter snow {in the northern hemisphere}.

I believe the most special present we can give at Christmas is a gift from our heart. A gift dreamt into creation. A gift wrapped meticulously by hand in ravishing coloured wrapping paper and sparkling embellishments. There is nothing more beautiful, or meaningful.

Christmas Presents

Take a moment to reflect on how wonderful it feels to GIVE, something from your heart to your loved one. Reflect on how good it feels to know, understand and TREASURE your loved one enough to want to gift them something truly special, unique and personal. Perhaps they would adore a journal with a heavenly poem inside the first page, a lily scented candle to illuminate their homes, or a divine handmade card to be cherished for all time. A gift from our heart is a heartfelt expression of the love we feel for our loved ones – on December 25th and every moment beyond.

Cristina Re Journals

The art of gift-giving is steeped in tradition as ancient and beloved as Christmas itself. This delightful ritual began in the late 18th Century, however its origins dated back even earlier. Today, gift-giving is a truly universal celebration. And, although Santa Clause is the traditional bearer of gifts in many countries, it is also lovely to acknowledge the spectacular diversity of symbolic gift bearers around the world, including Julenissen (a small elderly Christmas dwarf) in Norway; Saint Basil in Greece, and angels in Hungary.

Take a moment now to reflect – what is the most special gift you have ever received? How do you feel when you look at this gift now, many months -or years- later?

Perhaps your favourite gift is a dazzling family heirloom, or perhaps it’s a timeless tea cup and teapot set that your daughter bought especially for you with the pocket money she diligently saved up. Gifts from the heart will always be priceless because they carry within them the essence of the gift-giver, the loving spirit with which the gift was given, and the memories shared between the giver and recipient – What a fabulous gesture of love!

So this Christmas season, amid the rush and the haste all around us, let’s take a moment to reconnect with that sublime place of stillness within ourselves, celebrate those we hold close, and GIVE from our hearts. For I believe the act of giving itself is a beautiful gift to both the giver and the recipient – and that there is no greater joy than to give.

Christmas Gift Giving

Christmas Presents


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